Testimonials about Linda Goldsmith and GeriOptions:


“I live 100 miles away from my father who lives in the country. After  consulting with Linda and having her assess his needs, Dad has a  wonderful health care worker who she interviewed. Linda often goes to  the doctor with him and calls me regularly on a schedule we have worked  out. It’s great to have her as part of the team.”

- Robert S., son


“Without Linda’s help my mother would have continued to go downhill.  She wasn’t taking her medication, was getting depressed, had isolated  herself. Linda’s expertise helped bring mom back to her old self. Linda  brought in professionals to help so mom can continue to live  independently at home. She even cooks dinner for me sometimes! I am a  less stressed care giver and I am making the right decisions for my  mother.”

-  Joanna Y.,  daughter


“I have a lot of thank Linda for. I live in Philadelphia and am the  only living relative of my uncle. Linda assisted me in this challenging  situation. Being able to call upon her as needed was invaluable. She was  very helpful in explaining the benefits to the elderly that are  available locally. She introduced us to an eldercare attorney and his  affairs were arranged in such a way so the care was financially  manageable. Her guidance through areas that we were unfamiliar with  allowed us to manage this situation in an orderly and comprehensive  manner versus the chaos that would have otherwise occurred.”

- Richard K., Attorney


“Linda’s wide referral base includes health insurance companies,  employee assistance programs, hospitals, doctors, lawyers, other care  managers, therapists and clients. An impressive accomplishment is her  inclusion on the Mental Health Referral Panel for the 18-B Appellate  Supreme Court, and the Court has referred a variety of clients to her  for assessment and treatment recommendations.”

-  Arlene T.,Ph.D., CSW-R, BCD


“I have made a number of referrals to Linda during my years in  practice, turning to her more frequently in the last five years as the  needs of my elderly patients and their families have increased. She has a  solid knowledge of the difficulties they face as well as the  communication and follow-up skills. She makes sure clients are taken  care of as their needs change and exhibits a very special concern for  the entire family system.”

-  Dr. Pauline W.,  Psychiatrist


“Linda’s instincts about people are excellent. A particular strength  is a rare blend of compassion coupled with an ability to be directive. I  served with her on the board of directors of a community action group.  She is extremely knowledgeable about community resources and how to  access them effectively.“

-  Dr. Elizabeth T.K., Ph.D. ,  Psychologist