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At GeriOptions our concern is the aging individual’s quality of life, health and mental well-being.

We address both chronic and acute conditions. We offer a rich array of services in support of caregivers, who often are not considered in the health care scenario. Referrals to others in the legal, the medical arena or the court system are part of the support team we provide.


  • Assess, Evaluate, and Customize care plans to meet a client’s needs.
  • Care, Coordinate and maintain links within families, hospitals, private health care workers and health care agencies , physicians, elder care attorneys, long-term care providers, CPAs, banks and other relevant services
  • Provide information and referrals
  • Monitor individual patient needs from medication management to daily care by home health care professionals to changing living arrangements
  • Evaluate safety and nutrition
  • Crisis intervention
  • Monitor delivery of services

"To families struggling with the needs to aging relatives, the geriatric care manager can be a godsend. This emerging breed of specialists can assess a senior's physical, social, and financial needs and stitch together a patchwork of services to address them."

Business Week, Susan Garland, July 12, 2004


"A growing field of professionals can help you care long distance: geriatric care managers. Part social worker, errand-runner, family counsel, surrogate family member, and crisis worker; a geriatric care manager helps plan and manage care for older people, often overseeing household, financial, legal, health, insurance, and family issues."

Better Homes and Gardens, Betsy Rubiner and Irene S. Levine, April 1, 2005.



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